Weekly Summary 9

Web assignments this week came at the perfect time for me. About a week ago, a job that I have been interviewing for asked me to create a website about myself; basically a portfolio. I knew how to do it so it took me no time at all, but I thought it was a nice coincidence in correlation with this class.


Web Assignment #1: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/inklewriter-storytelling/

Web Assignment #2: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/personality-quiz/

Daily Creates:

Inklewriter Storytelling


#WebAssignments #WebAssignments1702

*update* I could not get that link to work so, just in case, here is what I wrote:

The day was almost over. It was dark outside, but the bright, yellow lights that reflected off of the famous golden arches shined through the windows of Scott Wilton’s 2001 Volvo. Scott finished his Big Mac and large fry and was ready to head home. All of a sudden, there was a tap on his window. Scott rolled the window down and a mysterious man handed him a note and walked away. Scott opened the note and it read: “We have a new mission for you. Proceed to 1234 Goodie St. if you accept this mission.”

Choices: Accept the mission or Decline the mission

Accept the mission: Scott decided to accept the mission and headed to 1234 Goodie st. When he arrived, he saw a woman waiting for him in the parking lot. He recognized this woman from headquarters, but couldn’t quite remember her name. “Hello, I am Darla from headquarters. How are you this evening, Scott?” Scott replied, “Hello ma’am, I am doing alright this evening. Thank you for asking.” Darla started towards the large building behind her and Scott followed. “May I ask what my mission is?” Scott asked. Darla had no reply. “Are there any details you can give me about this mission?” Scott asked again. Darla had no reply. Frustrated, Scott asked, “Darla, I usually have details about my mission by now. Please tell me why I am here, or I will decline this mission.” Darla turned quickly and told Scott to shut up.

Decline the mission: Scott decided to decline the mission; he was too tired. Before he headed home, he went through the drive-thru again to grab a McFlurry. As soon as Scott arrived home he fell asleep. END

(Accept the mission cont.) Choices: Scott turns around and leaves the mission or Scott shuts up and continues to follow Darla.

Scott turns around and leaves the mission: Scott decides to decline the mission and leaves Darla to the mission by herself. Scott drives home and reports Darla to headquarters. END

Scott shuts up and continues to follow Darla: Scott decides to trust Darla and stops asking questions. As they approach the building, there are no lights or noises coming from inside. Darla is silent but gives Scott the signal to open the door. As Scott opens the door, a wide room of pitch black appears. In confusion, Scott turns to Darla and starts to ask another question. All of a sudden……. “SURPRISE!!!” erupts from hundreds of voices inside the building and lights suddenly turn on. Scott, extremely frightened, remembered that it’s his 40th anniversary working for headquarters. They decided to surprise Scott with a party to celebrate. “I had such a long day, I totally forgot it was my 40th anniversary!” Darla and the other employees hugged Scott and they went on to have a wonderful night of celebration. END

Weekly Summary 8

This week went a lot better than I expected. Before spring break, my group was a little overwhelmed with the Radio Show assignment. We didn’t have a solid idea and we were not sure what direction we wanted to go in. After the break, and some thought, we decided on a game show approach. Using our characters and a mysterious host we developed, we planned out an entire show in no time. Once we figure out how all of our schedules would work together, we booked a room in the library and checked out a microphone from the HCC. Jasmine took the lead on the design portion of our show, Morgan took the lead as a host for our show, and I editing the final show together. I am really proud of our final product. #WeeklySummary

All of our posters, stickers, bumpers, and commercials can be found on our Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Per9ZibDPZyFWo8rC3JcWm9gIgdlH0NLhTTx93RKZS8/edit?usp=sharing

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Weekly Summary 7

This class has given me a new respect on people who work with audio everyday. Audio work is very fun and rewarding, however, it is very tedious. Our radio show is going well so far. It takes a lot of planning, but I think it will all be worth it. The toughest part is going to be finding enough time for all of us to meet and complete the show. Group work can be complicated at times, especially because this class is based online. However, I am confident that our show is achievable. #weeklysummary

Radio show progress: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/radio-show-progress/

Radio show design: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/rouge-agents/

Audio Assignment #1: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/create-a-place/

Audio Assignment #2: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/music-mashup/

Daily Creates:

Radio Show Progress

So far, the Rouge Agents radio show is going well. Planning is the most crucial part of this project. As of now, we are going to focus on a game show approach. We all wanted to incorporate the characters we created in some way, so we decided to put them all together in our show. We all have very different characters, which will make it even more interesting. Over spring break we plan to think of some more games to play. So far, two truths and a lie is out main game. Additionally, we are going to figure out how we want to introduce our characters. We are off to a great start! I can’t wait to hear the final product. #radioshowweek1

Rouge Agents


Welcome back to Rouge Agents Radio! Stay tuned for today’s game, Two Truths and a Lie. We have Scott Wilton, Megan, and Jess Carter as our special guests this evening. So don’t touch that dial! You are in for a great treat!

Welcome to ds106 radio, our special segment for you all, featuring Scott Wilton, Megan, and Jess Carter, will continue momentarily, we hope you enjoy the show. Thank you for listening to ds106 radio.



Music Mashup

Songs: Up All Night by Oliver Tank and idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish

For this music mashup I chose to smush together a song by Oliver Tank and a song by Billie Eilish. The contrast between Billie’s high voice and Oliver’s low voice is very satisfying. Their lyrics go back and forth and sort of create a conversation within the song. #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments2024

Weekly Summary 6

Design is a part of everything we do. Even writing a paper requires some kind of design or outline. No matter what we are designing, creativity and thought must go into it. This week I designed post cards, posters, and a logo of my name. You can do almost anything when you have the motivation and skills to design. #WeeklySummary

Here are some more thoughts on design: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/design-thoughts/

Design Assignment 1: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/cool-letters/

Design Assignment 2: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/fredericksburg-your-dream-vacation/

Design Assignment 3: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/an-upcoming-event-please-rsvp/

Design Assignment 4: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/week-6-motivation/

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