Dear Hannah

In 10 years, you better have a dog. All you have wanted since you were 16 is a greyhound. You will have followed a greyhound rescue organization and found the perfect greyhound to rescue and take home with you. This is literally all you want; its your only goal right now. Do you graduate in 3ish months and need a job, an apartment, and adult things? Yes. Is a dog a necessity? Thats arguable, but not really. I know it’s all you want though so I hope you’re reading this 10 years from now beside your dog. Also, make sure you’ve eaten today sis.

All the best,


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Introducing: Scott Wilton

Scott Wilton was born and raised in Screamer, Alabama. Scott grew up in a loving home with two parents and one sister. Scott played soccer and basketball throughout middle school but fell into an obsession with video games when he reacher high school. When Scott graduated high school, he began a sales job in the microwave business. After 30 years in the microwave business, Scott was recruited by the CIA while playing an intense game of Super Mario Bros. Today, Scott is 50 years old and about to complete his 50th undercover mission for the CIA. No one suspects a thing at his job, but Scott is getting old and tired. Will he be able to continue for 50 more missions? Stay tuned to find out.

Weekly Summary 2

I enjoyed the freedom we had with our assignments this week. The assignment bank was so fun to look through. There were tons of options and I liked being able to use what I already know to pick out the assignments I wanted to do. Additionally, I learned how to use Boomerang, which was exciting and I will probably use it again in the future. Like I mentioned before, I have not seen a whole lot of secret agent movies so I enjoyed the conversations we had in Slack about all the secret agent examples. I really like the comedy side of things, which not a lot of other people mentioned but I’m sure other people enjoy that too. As for the daily create posts on Twitter, I have enjoyed doing something new everyday. However, most of them have taken me longer than 5 minutes. I am sure I will get faster at them as time goes along, since this is only the first week. Twitter is my favorite social media platform so I am happy that we are using it daily.

Assignment Bank Fun (week 2)

Here’s a Boomerang of my room here at UMW. I have never made a Boomerang before but it was surprisingly easy to use. #VideoAssignments #VideoAssignments2301

Here’s some sounds I compiled from random sound bites. #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments2146

My bucket list includes: getting a dog (preferably a rescue greyhound), successfully complete an escape room (maybe with a secret agent theme to support my journey in this class), visit Canada, and visit Australia. #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments1759

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Weekly Summary 1

This week was a nice start to the rest of this course. I already had a lot of the accounts that were needed to start this course because I do have a slight internet addiction. I was also able to gain a lot of excitement for this course and the Secret Agent theme. I am not very familiar with a lot of Secret Agent themed movies or TV series so I am very excited to learn more. I am most excited to see what we’re going to do with our Soundcloud accounts. I’ve been a Soundcloud user for quite a bit of time now but I have never posted anything on it myself. I’m a huge music fan so pretty much anything involving music will immediately interest me. You can find the links to all my accounts on this blog site. #WeeklySummary

Secret Agent Theme

When I see “secret agent” I immediately think of Austin Powers. I was a huge fan of the Austin Powers movies as a kid and I think they are the only movies I have seen with the “secret agent” vibe. I like this theme because I don’t know a lot about it; I will never turn down an opportunity to learn. We have a lot of options on what to do with this theme. Individuality will make this theme very interesting. I would like to use my individuality to create my own idea of a secret agent since my only current idea is Austin Powers. As a group, we can use all of our brains to create a fun environment of being a secret agent in the modern world. #secretagent106thoughts