Final Weekly Summary

Here is the final project that Morgan, Jasmine, and I completed:

The media that I contributed:

The website on UMW Blogs

and the pictures we took as a group:

This final project went so much better than I expected. I am always weary when working with a group on final projects, but Morgan and Jasmine were amazing. We met and planned out exactly what we needed to do to complete our project on Tuesday, and kept in touch over text throughout the week. In the end, we completed a product that I am very happy with. My character served as the double agent, and Morgan and Jasmine’s characters found me out. It was a lot of fun!

I put in the audio recording of Dr. Pig Papa, the iPhone conversation, and I ran the website for our project. i created the website and posted all the work from our group on it. Morgan and Jasmine did a fantastic job of double checking everything I posted and making sure everything was right. From this project, I got a lot of entertainment, as well as some more experience with website building. I really enjoyed the freedom of this class and I am glad we were able to continue that in the final project. This project managed to tie the course together because of this. Additionally, it tied the theme of the course together perfectly. I was not as creative with the theme as Morgan and Jasmine were, so I am glad we got paired together. They honestly deserve all the points for creativity. #WeeklySummary

p.s. I tried to embed our final project website but it would not let me. Instead, I embedded just the link. I hope that is okay. Thank you for a great semester, and enjoy your summer!

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