Moon Graffiti: The Podcast That Made Me Jump

As the audio for this podcast began, I was immediately taken to a space ship over-looking the moon. My mind was able to be quickly immersed into an imaginary atmosphere and interested in the story that was about to be told. The conversation between pilots seemed normal until: CRASH! A loud noise blasted through my speakers and caused my body to jolt our of fear. I was not expecting the sudden noise and my body reacted suddenly. Soon after, an extremely calming voice began streaming through my speakers, allowing my increased heart-rate to start slowing down. From there, the entire story kept me on the edge of the seat. I was in suspense of more loud noises and my body was prepared if another jolt was in store. The Truth Podcast was able to tell a story with incredible imagery through only sound. The audio recording effects and the background music created a crazy amount of suspense. This kept me interested through the whole story. Additionally, the conversation about family and the suspense of saying “our last goodbye” was able to elicit emotion from the audience. Audio storytelling, to this degree, is something I have never experienced. I have listened to audio books on Audible, but The Truth Podcast was able to take me to a whole other world through simple sound effects.

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