My Visual Storytelling

During my junior year of high school, I fell in love with photography. I took some photos on my small smartphone, but that wasn’t enough for me. For my birthday that year, my parents got me a Canon Rebel T3i. I learned so much by using that camera, and I still use it today. However, since smartphone technology has increased, I take a majority of my photos on my phone and use my DSLR mostly for videos. Often, my friends ask me to take photoshoots of them for their Instagrams or a class requires some high-quality photos; I use my DSLR for those things too. My approach to taking photos is just whatever I am feeling in the moment. Most of my pictures are in nature because thats where I feel most inspired. I always work to capture the feeling that I am currently feeling while I am taking photos so that I can look back at the photos and know the internal story behind them. In my opinion, I think an imagine creates a personal narrative to whoever is examining it. The narrative becomes much deeper to the photographer, but both narratives are important. #photoreflection

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  1. Hey! I feel the same way, I love photography. I have never had the chance to get a really high-class camera. I mainly use my phone which captures nice photos, I would love to eventually get a really nice camera though. I enjoyed reading your post, thank you for sharing!

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