Weekly Summary 10

For my 10 stars of assignments I decided to go all out. When I took DGST 395 we read a book called Little Brother by Corey Doctorow. For my final project, I wanted to do a trailer for the book. However, I was never happy with what I was finding, so this week I decided to revisit that assignment after I saw it as an option in the assignment bank. Here is that trailer: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/book-trailer/

If you haven’t read the book, it is about a boy in high school that is a “hacker” or sorts. He is in a community of “hackers” that plays a game. One day he decided to skip class to go play the game and meet up with friends. While they were playing, some sort of bomb went off and the whole town went crazy. The main character ended up being kidnapped by what he believed to be the government and things took off from there. I really enjoyed that book. It is available to read online here: https://craphound.com/littlebrother/Cory_Doctorow_-_Little_Brother.pdf

For the rest of my 10 stars, I decided to make a slideshow of my sister. The “watch something grow” assignment caught my eye. It made me wish I had more pictures of my pets, but I didn’t so I chose my sister instead. She’s gonna kill me for sharing some of these pictures, but oh well; I like them. Here is my second assignment bank post: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/watch-cam-grow/

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