Weekly Summary 4

Photography has always been one of those activities I thought was easy until I actually got into it. From an outside perspective, it seems like you can just push a button, and boom, you have an amazing picture. However, this is rarely the case. It takes much more than just a point-and-shoot action. Sometimes, I can take a million pictures and only get one or two usable photos out of all of them. This week definitely reminded me of this struggle. Photography is very frustrating at times, and when you are given certain parameters to require in your photo, it becomes even more frustrating. I had the most fun, again, with the visual assignments from the assignment bank. I like the freedom we have to chose our own assignments and use our skills to complete our assignments.

Visual Assignment 1: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/my-favorite-photo/

Visual Assignment 2: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/is-that-spider-man/ 

Visual Assignment 3: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/kim-possible-at-a-bar/

Visual Assignment 4: http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/what-is-that/

For the Visual Storytelling assignment, I went back to the beginning of my photography journey. This week has made me envy all the free time I used to have in order to take pictures; I really miss it. http://dgst.hannahdcreates.com/uncategorized/my-visual-storytelling/

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